Solve It supporting young people on the local National Citizen Service programme

We've had a fab afternoon working with all the amazing young people on the Northamptonshire National Citizen service programme. Solve It were there today at the commiunity cafe event to provide information about what we do and how young people can get involved and make a difference in their community. We are really excited to work with the wonderful NCS programme and looking forward to meeting more young people over the next few weeks. 

What is your Natural High?

One of the things we were talking about today was 'Natural highs'. We were asking young people to think about what they do in their lives that makes them feel good, activities that give them a 'natural high'. By promoting activities for young people to get involved in, we are encouraging people to seek out their natural highs and resist the temptation to seek out a chemical high. Take a look and like our Facebook page to see some pictures . If you want to share what your 'natural high' is please get in touch.

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