Raising awareness at the Umbrella Fair

We had a great two days at the Umbrella Fair in Northampton last weekend, raising awareness about the dangers of so called 'legal highs' and also letting people know more about what we do here at Solve It. We spoke to lots of different people at the event and are very grateful for the many people who were very honest and open and shared with us some of  their experiences. Many of the people we spoke to had experienced negative effects and a number of people had ended up in hospital. 

Here are some of their experiences...

"I smoked annihalation and ended up in a coma for 3 weeks. I now have a blood clot in my arm and am on medication to control it. I would never touch legal highs again"

"I had a bad experience with what I thought was an amphetamine type substance. After I had taken it, I called an ambulance, I started hallucinating and panicking. It was a terrifying experience"

"I had 2 drags of some spice and I had a seizure, I ended up in hospital"

We spoke to lots of concerned parents and gave out many of our parent and carer guides, we also spoke to lots of young people and shared with them some advice and information on how to stay safe. You can access our parent and carer guide here and our  young person guide here.

We also spoke to lots of people about what their 'natural highs' are. We try to encourage people to seek out what makes them feel naturally good. Lots of people said sport, food, volunteering. Its always great to see what kinds of things people like to do and where they get their 'natural highs' from.

If you are concerned about 'legal highs' including synthetic cannabis, volaitile substances or new pyscoactiive substances please get in touch, we are here to provide advice, information and support.

Stay Safe everyone!

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